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The Ultimate iPhone Frequently Asked Questions

Monty Solomon (
Fri, 12 Jan 2007 10:33:26 -0500

David Pogue

Wow. Predictably, the torrent -- and I do mean torrent -- of iPhone
commentary from the citizens of the Web is practically outflooding
spam this week. Most of it comes from people whose shirt fronts are
practically drenched in drool. Plenty is negative and bitter.

Another huge category is iPhone questions. Never mind that many of
these questions either (a) have been answered by Apple, either on its
elaborate, interactive Web site or the free video of Steve Jobs's
speech, or (b) come from people who fantasize about fitting the
iPhone into their own particular wish lists.

(My favorite sarcastic comment, which was a response to these
responses, which were in response to my last blog entry: "Yeah, yeah,
yeah, but can you use it underwater? And can you recharge it using
solar power? And does it have an optical scanner that detects your
eyeball movements so that you merely have to look at a name in your
contacts list and blink in order to choose and call him? Apple, you
have a long way to go.")

Anyway, here it is: the ultimate iPhone Frequently Asked Questions
list, complete with answers.

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