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Re: AT&T Residential Rate Increases?

gb (
29 Dec 2006 04:38:04 -0800

Strangely enough, on ATT CallVantage (their VOIP service), they have
lowered their rates for the unlimited plan.

What used to be $29.95 is now $24.95. The funny thing is that they
didn't make the announcement to existing customers, so an existing
customer has to change the plan to get the lower price, otherwise it
stays at the higher price.

New customers are only offered the lower price.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Be grateful all you have to do is close
one plan and open a new one to get the reduced price. In my instance
here, CableOne talks all day long on television about 'the new reduced
rates' for cable television subscribers, about ten dollars per month
less than what I pay. I asked at the local office here on Penn Street
and the lady told me I would have to disconnect my cable and _stay
disconnected for ninety days_ then reapply as a 'new' customer to get
the 'new customer' special deals. PAT]

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