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Re: AT&T Residential Rate Increases?

Sam Spade (
Thu, 28 Dec 2006 07:15:14 -0800

T wrote:

>> In the case of California those funny folks called the PUC have hated
>> Caller ID since its inception (remember, they were the nut cases that
>> sued the FCC to stop the implementation of Caller ID). So, if Pacific
>> Telephone, a unit of AT&T, nay Pacific Bell, nay SBC, nay AT&T wanted
>> to charge $40 a month for Caller ID, the PUC would approve it. It is
>> like a cigerette tax to those folks.

> The only issue is that caller-ID is mostly useless these days because
> there are so many ways to obfuscate ones number. What I find more
> amusing is that Bell knew how to do CLID back in 1972. Just took some
> time to roll it out.

Thought that is certainly technically possible, my personal experience
has been zero bogus number deliveries. I suspect that would be true
in the vast majority of residential cases.

And, if we don't recognize the number we don't answer the phone; rather
let it go to the answering machine.

On balance Caller ID has been very useful to the vast majority of those
who subscribe to it.

As to CLID in 1972, how would have have been accomplished throughout
the network without CCIS or SS7? And, if it had been done when CCIS
was in use, it seems it would have tied up a lot of resources.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: In order to let it go to the answering
machine or voice mail, one first needs to know *WHO IS CALLING*, and
while my caller ID display is several yards away from where I am
sitting, a cordless phone is right at hand. So, should I get myself
up (brain aneurysms cause some slow downs, you know) or should I just
reach over and pick up the phone? I guess I could invest in a few
more caller ID devices, and have one near at hand and in view of
every phone. PAT]

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