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Re: Robots Will Get Same Rights as Humans

Rick Merrill (
Wed, 27 Dec 2006 17:18:18 -0500

mc wrote:

> Harumph. As an artificial intelligence researcher, I don't think
> robots are any closer to humanlike consciousness than they were 50
> years ago.

> Note that the study was done by management and public opinion
> consultants, not AI scientists.

> What fundamental breakthrough do these people think is on the horizon?
> "The achievement of artificial intelligence"? That's newspaperspeak,
> not anything you ever actually hear in the AI research community. And
> it seems to be based on 1950s science(-fiction), the notion that there
> is a single, one-dimensional quality called "intelligence" and if you
> achieve it, you have something that can think like a human.

> There's been tremendous progress in robotics and AI, but it hasn't
> been aimed at achieving humanlike consciousness. Why should it be?
> We're building tools, not dolls. An example of an AI success is
> Mapquest automated directions. Another is computer translation of
> human languages. Not to mention hundreds of machines of all types
> that are subtly smarter and safer than they used to be. Forklifts
> that won't run into you, electrocardiographs that issue a tentative
> diagnosis ...

Networked intelligence >> AI?

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