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Re: AT&T Residential Rate Increases?

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Sun, 24 Dec 2006 08:46:57 -0500

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> Just got several mailings re our AT&T residential service in Palo
> Alto/Stanford CA area announcing *big* rate increases on POTS service:
> 5% to 10% increases on package plans, up to 30% each on a long list of
> individual features (Caller ID, Call Waiting, etc. etc).

> What's going on here? Response to more and more people shifting to
> VOIP is to _raise_ their POTS rates? (especially on automated
> features)

> What's the agenda behind this?

It sure looks that way. I've heard through the grapevine that Verizon
has lost approximately one third of it's business since 1996. Verizon
is also seeking rate increases and sending out 'come back' offers that
are just short of ridiculous considering what they're offering.

Right now my Vonage unlimited account costs me a total of $33 a month
once all the damned fees are added in. Yes, we pay taxes, E-911, etc.
because the incumbents bitched about it and so now we get to share in
the joy. But the same service from Verizon would cost me $90 a month
so I'll swallow the pill without too much complaint.

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