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22 Dec 2006 20:12:18 -0800

Ron Kritzman wrote:

> In my many years in the answering service and paging business and even
> more years in ham radio I've seen it all. Dialing by sound is possible
> but not terribly reliable. When there were still a lot of dial phones
> around there were hand held boxes that played tones into the phone
> mouthpiece to allow you to check your voicemail or send digits to a
> pager.

When staying with relatives out of town, I carry a dialer with
pre-programmed number for my home TADs, important numbers I may want to
call back home, OneSuite access and pin code etc. I have also
programmed my OneSuite account with relatives home number, so if I call
from there, OneSuite will not ask for PIN when I call access numner.

I don't usually use my cell phone to call back home as I am on a
pre-pay by-the-minute plan and keep my chats down to five dollars a

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