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Linc Madison (
Fri, 22 Dec 2006 11:48:35 -0800

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> But, hey, what about those people who hang a BlueTooth device (it
> emits RF energy, too) on their ear and wear it all day long? A cell
> phone is only used occasionally, brought to the ear then put back on
> the belt or into the purse, or where ever it is stored. What about
> the effects of prolonged RF energy from the BT ear piece in direct
> contact with the ear/head? That will be another "story", won't it?

Actually, no. The cellphone itself has to talk to the cell tower,
which might be several kilometers away; the BlueTooth device only has
to communicate over a range of a couple of meters. Even with 24/7
exposure, you'd need aeons to have detectable effects. The risk is
somewhere up there with being eaten by Martians.

Of course, the real answer to people who worry about the radiation
from their cellphones is to use a wired hands-free kit. If you have
the cellphone at arm's length instead of right next to your skull, the
radiation risk goes from negligible to super-duper-extra-negligible.
Seriously, it's trivial to reduce the cellphone radiation strength
reaching your brain a millionfold or more -- not that the risk at full
strength is anything to worry about to begin with.

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