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Re: Phonelabs Dock N Talk vs. Cidco Communications Merge
Mon, 11 Dec 2006 01:04:24 -0500 spake thusly and wrote:

> Richard Davies <> spake thusly and wrote:

>> I can find several reviews about the Phonlabs Dock N Talk product on CNet,
>> but nothing on the Cidco Communications Merge product. Both provide
>> solutions for using your cell phone through household wiring.

>> Has anyone used either product, and if so, what is your opinion?

> We picked up the Dock N Talk ( ) recently and
> so far it is a -0- complaint item. I have not heard about the
> other product but will try to get a look at it.

I did a bit of research. The Phonelabs product has a vastly larger
list of supported cell phone brands and models, over 1000 now. The
other one just works with a handful of Motorolas many of which, like
mine, are about obsolete.

With the Dock-n-talk if you switch cell phones you would just need a
new cable (unless you went with Bluetooth).

I believe we picked the way better product to sell by choosing
Phonelabs. I am ordering one in here to test with the TMC phone
systems that we sell. I plan to put it on line 2 and see if I can
drop one land line.


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