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Re: VOIP: Internet Telephone Question

Rick Merrill (
Tue, 05 Dec 2006 16:11:10 -0500

Korey wrote:

> I just recently signed up for telephone service through my cable
> company (It is supposed to be installed Tuesday, December 5.) Other
> than my cable company, I had considered services such as Vonage and
> Sunrocket.

> After I signed up with my cable company, I was thinking and had the
> following question: Is it possible to subscribe to two different VOIP
> telephone services at the same time and be able to use either of them
> whenever you want? In other words, after I port my current telephone
> number to my cable company and start with their service, what if I
> decide I need another line later and want to try another company for
> the new line, say Vonage, Sunrocket, or another one of my choice, for
> example?

> What would be involved with doing this, especially if I don't have an
> active landline? Would I need to go through my local telephone
> company and have them install a new telephone line and then once it is
> working, transfer the telephone service for the new line to Vonage,
> Sunrocket, or some other provider of my choice? Would it be possible
> to have two VOIP lines with two separate VOIP providers utilizing the
> same high speed cable modem connection?

> Just curious if this would be possible.

> Thanks,

> Korey

It's thinkable, but you don't want to do that. Both would still be
dependent on your ISP/HSI provider. (Better to have a land line as

Second, your VoIP provider can give y0u a single ATA (analog telephone
adapter) with two lines! Much simpler and it can handle the QoS
issues better (Quality of Service: which line gets priority ...)

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