TELECOM Digest OnLine - Sorted: Trinsic Really Makes a Mess of my Service

Trinsic Really Makes a Mess of my Service

TELECOM Digest Editor (
Sun, 19 Nov 2006 00:36:45 EST

I told you here about a week ago that Prairie Stream announced they
are going out of business at the end of November. I mentioned also
that after a little shopping around, I decided to try 'Trinsic',
another reseller of SBC/ATT service in this area. Well ... they
turned me on last Wednesday, so far so good ... even though their
service is a wee bit more expensive than I want, with many more
bells and whistles than I need. But the one thing I _do_ need
they managed to screw up! I definitly need my 'distinctive ring'
line, since I have some services (toll free 800 number, fax line,
and front door intercom) all ringing in on that distinctive (ring-
ring) line. Trinsic also managed to lose my privacy features
such as 'blocked caller-ID blocking'. I found out about these
losses in my service late Saturday afternoon, and when calling
into the '24 hour service' number for Trinsic was told no one
would be able to help me -- or even take my call -- until Monday
morning. This was after Trinsic had assured me that my entire
account was being 'mirrored' over exactly from Prairie Stream.

The lady I did get to talk to Saturday afternoon told me that there
were no positive assurances Southwestern Bell (after all, the
ultimate boss in the whole affair) would agree to give me back
my distinctive ring number 'although Trinsic would ask them for
it'. Sounds to me like I got a real screwing from Trinsic, and
I intend to protest it mightily on Monday morning when I can
reach someone in their office who may or may not be interested
in my problems.


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