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Voip Spam - Any Statistics?

Liam (
4 Nov 2006 04:58:42 -0800


I'm trying to collect statistics on voip spam. One of the only paper
I have found on the net is is dated 2004
and is therefore probably out of date. Could please you give me some
good references?

Many thanks,


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Considering that spammers generally
like as much of a free ride as they can get at everyone else's expense
(consider _how little_ they pay for email, for example), and
considering that spam via email is at an all time high (it was bad
in 2004, even worse in 2005 and 2006) I should imagine it is rather
bad now with VOIP as well. I have no specific data to back me up on
this, but spam isn't going to stop anytime soon, IMO; why not clutter
up VOIP as well? PAT]

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