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Re: Spam Beginning to Spell Trouble For Wireless Phones

Koos van den Hout (
2 Nov 2006 13:09:53 GMT

Dan Frommer and Lisa Lerer <> wrote in

> From

Which doesn't have a good option to reply to the author of the article to
do certain homework.

> Earlier this month, some Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel
> subscribers received unsolicited text messages promoting penny stocks
> First National Power and Encore Clean Energy. "Subject: the end of
> oil? First National Power (OTC: FNPR) invents new patent for green
> energy intiative," reads one message, sent from
> "Encore Clean Energy unveils a new patent for green
> energy alternative to oil! Exxon, get out of the way!" reads another,
> sent from


> Then again, one man's spam may be another's financial advice. First
> National Power shares began the week at 5 cents but now trade for 8.5
> cents, a 70 percent increase. And Encore Clean Energy shares traded
> this week for 15 cents, up from 10 cents in mid-September.

Someone should enlighten Dan Frommer and Lisa Lerer about the workings
of "Pump'n'dump" scam / spam. They would have written a totally
differrent last paragraph, something with people still being stupid
enough to actually fall for this, therefore making this kind of spam
worth the bother for the scammers.

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