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Re: Microsoft Opens Virtual Drives for Free

Danny Burstein (
Thu, 19 Oct 2006 03:55:00 UTC

In <> Reuters News Wire
<> writes:

[ snippage ]

> The Microsoft virtualisation software has been available for more than
> two years, but as computers become more powerful the use of
> virtualisation is expected to mushroom, the company said at a news
> conference.

> The software permits the easy use of several operating systems on one
> machine. So, for example, dangerous software could be installed on a
> virtual machine without affecting the host computer.

To add a bit of useful clarification here ... if you're using Windows
XP as your operating system, you can set up a virtual machine inside
it running, yes, Windows XP, and if something Goes Wrong, you
(should ...) be able to simply shut down that portion and close it out
without any harm to your main operation.

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