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Re: Non Partisan. Just a Question, and You Only Get ONE Answer

A Troll (
Mon, 2 Oct 2006 04:44:27 UTC

Krusty <> wrote in news:1159763865.900349.182420

> What do you think is the single *most* important issue in the upcoming
> election?

> I'm just looking for ONE issue. We all agree that there are more than
> one. I'm not going to list one or any, because I just wanna know what
> issue is the TOP of your list, if you have one. If you think there's
> only ONE issue this election, then just list that one.

> So, what's the most important issue in your head, when you step into
> that booth?

Net neutrality.

The above post was written by A Troll.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: There are _many_ issues in the
forthcoming election; net neurality is just one of many good,
important issues before us. Like yourself, I would say if I had to
pick just one thing, I also would choose net neutrality. The telcos
all hasten to assure us not to worry about it; nothing is going to
change. But I know full well that telcos can and do lie about such
things. I have read some pretty dire illustrations of what could
or probably would happen if the telcos had their way on this. It all
gets quite complex at times; much of it is too much for even me to
comprehend, so I can see why many/most of our congresscritters would
be in the dark on it. What do other readers think about net neutrality
and other issues regards 'computers' in the fortoming election? PAT]

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