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Re: VoIP Attracts Small-Business Customers
Thu, 28 Sep 2006 22:59:28 -0400 said on that big USENET thingie:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Any phone system which can 'grab' or
> connect to a pair of wires connecting to a VOIP installation works
> okay. For example, my puny little system: If I dial '9' from any
> phone, I connect to a landline outside. If I dial '8', I connect to
> the VOIP adapter and whatever is connected to it. Granted, the VOIP
> a dapter (at least the one I have here) can only serve two lines at
> one time, but, if it mattered that much to me, I could keep stacking
> up the VOIP adapter boxes and continue the plug-ins. PAT]

Yes, but what if you had 5 or 6 POTS phones plugged into the same
line, would it work, or 10 phones? I believe that is what is
separating the "men from the boys" in VOIP adapters.


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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: That I do not know. I think the only
way to insure that it will work is by keeping the phone instruments
and the VOIP adapter separate from each other; have the phone system
do its own thing and the VOIP adapter do its own thing for one or
two phone linesm as per my earlier example, dial some code to have
the affected phone seize one of the VOIP circuits.

Anyway, more than one (or maybe, with luck) two VOIP connections at
the same time via the same broadband connection really slows things
down a lot on the computer does it not? PAT]

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