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How to Spam Cell Phones
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You may wish to simply write a review and eliminate the links.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well, I can tell you this much: if it
is something E-Bay is selling, I would generally stay away from it.
That is, unless you want even more spam as a result. I have purchased
_ONE_ item via E-Bay in my lifetime, a cellular phone which was not
all that great, and I have been spammed ever since. E-Bay says it is
not them doing the spamming, and that is probably correct; it is
people who are members there who think nothing of checking through the
customer records and then attempting to trick other folks into a
response to their 'complaints' etc. The address '' is
absolutely useless. Unlike their sister company PayPal, where you can
simply forward whatever crapola shows up and they at least make an
effort to close down the site, with E-Bay, letters complaining about
that stuff go nowhere. The big thing now, it seems, is to send members
of E-Bay's community 'partial' letters of complaint, with a link
address to click on to respond. The partial letter says something like
"That gizmo you sold me; when are you going to deliver it?" and the
partial letter always goes on to say "E-Bay takes this complaint very
seriously. Please respond direct to this member if you wish to retain
your good standing with E-Bay." etcetera. How big a thing is 'big
thing'? Oh, I get anywhere from 50 to 75 of them each time I log on
here. I finally relented and answered just one of them the other day;
I used the 'f-word' in every form I could think of using it; as a
verb, a noun, a preposition, an adjective, an adverb, you name it. And
I did not bother to sign it. I sent my reply as an independent
email to the site named prior to the cgi-bin which included ebay in
the end of it. I did not get a futher reply from the goofus who sent
it out to me, but I did conclude by telling him I hoped he felt my
'customer service' had been good. Those people are really beginning to
make me get very angry. PAT]

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