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Re: Number That Won't Hang Up?

Gene S. Berkowitz (
Sun, 17 Sep 2006 02:03:32 -0400

In article <>, says...

> I couldn't think of a good subject line for this. I'm thinking a
> buying a new phone, and would like to test its reception in the places
> I might use it.

> Is there a number I can call that will stay connected for long periods
> of time (an hour or more)? I'd like to call it before I start to
> work, and just listen the whole way. If it loses the signal, I'll
> know there's an area of poor reception, and I'll call the number back
> to find the next area of poor reception. I don't want a number that
> will hang up after a short period, such as the local number for time,
> because I don't want to have to keep dialing.

> It doesn't have to be a toll-free number (all the plans I might buy
> would have long-distance included).
> Any ideas? Ideally, it would have some mildly entertaining and not
> irritating program, like a news radio station but not a right-wing
> talk show.

You could be evil and try a major computer manufacturer or leading
software provider's tech support line. Good for 15-60 minutes, and
they usually give you a prediction of how long it will be until your
call is answered. I'm pretty sure Bill Gate's old company had a "DJ"
while you wait.

If you actually get a rep on the line, tell them that you can't find
the "any" key on your new computer.


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