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Re: NYC Pennsylvania Station Pay Phone Usage
14 Sep 2006 10:59:27 -0700

Anthony Bellanga wrote:

> When was the last time you saw 1+ coin service from those Verizon coin
> phones in New York City?

Last week. They offered both national and within NY State.
Admittedly, while the phones were Verizon, I didn't look at who the LD
carrier was.

Until about one year ago SEPTA pay phones also offered the same
national service, 25c a min/ 4 min minium.

> And those VZ payphones in NYCity -- what are you defining as Long
> Distance?

National service.

VZ also had phones in the train stations painted yellow offering
25c/min for within NY State only. I presume NY State has multiple
LATAs in it.

> But for inter-LATA toll 1+ coin calls (outside of that limited NY/NJ
> corridor), AT&T won't handle those types of long distance calls
> anymore, at least not in the "traditional" 1+ coin way of doing
> things.

I don't know who handles this calls.

> If VZ payphones can still be used to place such calls, then
> it is being handled by some kind of internal COCOT-like "smart" chips,
> regardless of who the actual LD carrier happens to be.

Your suggestion is entirely possible, but actually involves more
expense and hardware than in the past. Pay phones have been able to
handle long distance for many years. Automated 1+ calling (to count
the coins) has been available for a long time. You act as if this 1+
coin calling is something "new".

I hope to go up again and I'll see if I can find out who the carrier is.

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