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Re: School Children Shrug Off Enmities in Cyberspace
13 Sep 2006 07:09:11 -0700

Kevin Smith wrote:

> Cyberspace get-togethers between schoolchildren in British-ruled
> Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic are helping break down decades
> of mistrust and could provide a model for young people in conflict
> zones elsewhere.

I'm all for such programs, but I am very wary of their success. There
are other issues at play in peaceful group interaction.

For years various ethnic groups lived side by side in hotspot
countries. The strong govt changes and the groups revert to their old
viscious violence, such as in former Yugoslavia and Iraq.

I know of increased prejudice and trouble when previously separate
youth ethnic groups get mixed together, sadly to say.

The theory "if we only got to know each other we'd get along" is by no
means the saviour. In WW II Americans the Soviet soldiers got along
great to win the war but hostilities arose immediately afterwards,
thanks to Stalin.

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