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Phone Book: Listing Your Name Only, No Address?

Sam Spade (
Sat, 09 Sep 2006 01:31:01 GMT wrote:

> I understand now the phoneco offers reverse information, that is, given
> a phone number they'll return the person's name and address.

> For personal security, many people don't want their home address
> readilly available, but they still want to be listed in the book so
> people can find and call them. I called the phoneco to ask if
> addresses could be deleted or made generic (ie street name only, no
> house number, or town only) and they said no except for very special
> cases (ie a cop). Apartment dwellers can have the building address shown,
> not their apartment number.

> It seems to me the phoneco should allow no addresses freely if that's
> what the customer wants.

Can only speak about California where name-only listing has been a
listing option for many years.

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