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In an Ideal, Perfect World ...

TELECOM Digest Editor (
Fri, 8 Sep 2006 13:47:51 EDT

I would -- like many other folks around here -- have only the latest,
most modern, effecient computer equipment. In real life practice, I
have only very old, antiquated, slow-as-molasses machines, running Win
98 in many cases, or Win 2000 for my 'best' machine; also Linux shares
a hard drive with Win 2000 on that machine.

In real life practice, raising a few hundred extra dollars for such a
purchase is beyond my means, living as I do on Uncle Sugar's dole each
month, and the money goes direct to the bank, which in turn pays the
various creditors -- my monthly mortgage payment, the gas, electric,
phone and cable bills -- direct from whatever Uncle Sugar provides for
me, and the little bit of leftover comes to my hot little hands around
the fourth Wednesday of each month. Allowance is also made for the
lady who brings around my food each weekday; the lady who comes twice
weekly to clean up the house; my helper Raymond who comes to 'look in'
on me every day, etc.

I would not have what junky computer stuff I have now had I not
already had it (for the most part) prior to my illness setting in back
in 1999-2000. That should sort of tell you where I am at. I got the
machine which has Win 2000/Linux on it in 2001 as the result of a
_mistake_ by Social Security. One day I called to check the balance
in my account, and the bank claimed a thousand dollars more that
expected: another deposit had been made by Social Security. A deposit
made by _mistake_ by SSI. After about six months, SSI discovered the
error and needless to say wanted their money back; it was too late, I
had already spent the money on the computer and related peripherals.

Hmmm, said Uncle ... admitting it was their fault, SSI agreed to
accept monthly payments to get the return of the overpayment, so for
the next several months, SSI made a monthly deduction from _my_ check
to pay for _their_ mistake. What had been at best a tight budget while
living on a fixed income became even tighter.

To get to the point of this, anyone with older, excessive and unused
computer equipment no longer needed is asked to donate it to me, if
they wish to do so. Nothing fancy, nothing fast, just a working
terminal which can be connected to a router and my internet cable
connection. Laptop or desktop PC/terminal needed, Windows or
Unix/Linux based preferred. If you can help, please write to me as
soon as possible. Ditto my cellphone, which has seen better days.



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