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Need Tap Into Telco Line
Wed, 06 Sep 2006 23:57:08 -0500

My telephone line goes out via the PABX of a party who I believe is
listening in. We have a legal dispute, and I want to hear what they
are saying too.

I have access to the tag-block with their pair and mine. How would I
best hear their conversations ?

My first thought is to just temporarily connect my pair to theirs,
observing the polarity, and while leaving mine on-hook, just tap-off
my line into an amplifier, which I can hear while I'm working.

A second refinement, would be to use capacitive coupling to their

I need to terminate my side with a high impedance, so that the
capacitive coupling can also have a high impedance. So that it
becomes insignificant when I receive or make a call.

If I remove my handset, so that only the audio amplifier terminates my
line, during 'listening in', would it work ?

And then by just connecting my handset and/or modem could I expect to
operate without significant cross-talk to the looters line ?

Thanks for any info/feedback,

== "James bLond".

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