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FIOS TV? Not For Me
6 Sep 2006 12:29:58 -0700

You may want to think twice before signing up FIOS TV.

I took time off work today so I could have FIOS TV installed at my
home in Sachse, Texas. When the installers arrived they looked around
a little and said they would have to get to a wall outlet behind my
desk. I said Ok fine let's do it, then he said that I would have to
move the desk because they aren't allowed. I can't lift this desk by
myself and the two installers were unwilling to help me slide it over a
foot so they could do their work.

I got the strong feeling that these installers were just looking for a
reason to get out of doing the install. C'mon, they can't help me
slide the desk over a foot? When I called customer service to
complain it was more of the same, excuses about rules and I was even
told it was "against the law" for them to help me slide over a desk by
one very annoying CSR. When I asked here what law that was she
couldn't tell me. They SAY they are all about customer service but
their actions speak louder than their lame words.

When I got my FIOS Internet installed there were 3 guys here until
after 10PM doing the install. You should have seen the wire they ran
across my garage ceiling, it was really crooked and unprofessional. I
lent him a stapler since he didn't have one. He left a rolled up power
cord less than 2.5" away from a bare 300 watt light bulb on my garage
ceiling. I think Verizon's installers are mostly a bunch of new hires
with very little experience. And since they are hourly employees
finding reasons not to do jobs makes life easier for them for sure.

They should add a section to their advertisements and tell people on
the phone when they sign up that if there is any obstruction in front
of the router's wall outlet that they will not even touch it. Instead
of having people like me wasting their time and money sitting around
waiting for some installer to show up whine about rules and give BS
excuses why they can't do their job.

People should also be aware that for the $39.95 per month they
advertise you are unable to actually view FIOS TV, you also MUST rent a
box from them for an additional price PER TV. The $39.95 is misleading,
Verizon customer service told me that all the cable companies do that
too so its "standard" & therefore OK if someone else is doing it
too I suppose.

I talked to a friend in Plano that has FIOS TV today, she says her
service goes off and on a lot and that Verizon appears to be still
working out some bugs with it.

As for me, I canceled my order for FIOS TV; glad I didn't cancel my
Dish Network ...

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