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TelecomDirect News Daily Update - September 06, 2006

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PricewaterhouseCoopers Presents
The TelecomDirect News Daily Update
For September 06, 2006

Vonage Hits 2 million Subscribers

U.S.-based VoIP provider Vonage announced today that it has passed the
2-million subscriber mark. "Activating over 2 million lines is a
milestone for both Vonage and the industry," Chairman and Chief
Strategist of Vonage Holdings Jeffrey A. Citron said. "As we
continue to grow our business, innovation will be a key focus ...

Frequencies May Be Allocated for 3G and WiMAX in Russia

Russian regulators may start allocating radio frequencies for 3G
mobile services and broadband wireless networks, Prime-Tass
reports, citing the press office of the IT and Telecommunications
Ministry. According to the report, the State Radio Frequency
Commission decided at a meeting on Monday (4 September) that the
frequency band between ...

EU Clears Private Equity Firms to Buy Dutch Cable TV Operator Casema

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- EU antitrust regulators on Wednesday cleared
private equity firms Cinven Ltd. and Warburg Pincus LLC to buy the
Netherlands third-largest cable television operator Casema BV.
The two agreed in July to pay Euro 2.1 billion (US$2.6 billion) for
the company from another group of private investors ...

Auction Still Going, But Slowing

WASHINGTON -- Bidding in the FCC's Advanced Wireless Services
(AWS) auction is approaching $13.5 billion, even though bidders have
slowed the pace considerably in the last few days. After 52
rounds of bidding, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless and Sprint's
partnership with cable companies still lead in bid expenditures ...

Canada Examines Looser Incumbent VoIP Rules

Canadian regulators have opened a proceeding to reassess the
conditions for lightening up on rules that ostensibly restrict
incumbent telcos in the emerging Voice over Internet Protocol
(VoIP) business. This comes amid new government conclusions that
competition in the country's local telephony service marketplace
is taking hold more ...

Cisco & Pals to Unwire Silicon Valley

Cisco Systems Inc. and friends have scored one of the biggest
contracts in the burgeoning municipal mesh WiFi market --
unwiring 1,500 square miles of America's tech mecca, Silicon
Valley. The networking giant said late on Tuesday that it --
along with Azulstar , IBM Corp., and SeaKay -- had won the deal
against ...

Cisco's Secret Franchise

It's well known that Cisco Systems Inc. customers are just
about forced to buy optics from Cisco, and at hefty markups. The
practice is an annoyance to some customers -- and now a report
suggests investors should start worrying about it, too.
Cisco's practice of reselling optical modules represented 25
percent of the ...

Nintendo, Sony Are Only Two Survivors in Handheld Game Market

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- In the past year, the Nokia N-Gage, Tapwave
Zodiac, and Gizmondo have all been taken off the market, leaving
only two competitors in the handheld game platform space:
Nintendo and Sony. In the current generation of handheld
consoles, the Nintendo DS will outship the Sony PSP over the life
of the consoles, ...

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