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Re: Different Area Codes, Same Rate Area, and LNP

Sam Spade (
Wed, 30 Aug 2006 06:17:41 -0700 wrote:

> Before I answer, you should know I am not a big fan of VOIP. IMHO it
> is overhyped and there are many technical details (like 911
> connectivity) to be worked out. IMHO (and personal experience) many
> of the sales people often give out incorrect information and do not
> have adequate resources to serve customers correctly. Thus, you may
> be promised something that doesn't come to be.

VOIP is a wonderful alternate method of telephone communications for a
lot of people. I have had Vonage since its inception. However, I
also maintain one LEC line as well.

Telecommunications is a complex marketplace, with all of its choices.
Smart consumers almost always fare better than those who cannot, or will
not, figure things out by doing some homework.

Vonage, for example, doesn't have the best customer service around,
but neither do most of the LECs these days. And, unlike the LECs,
Vonage has a web site that provides all the options in a clear, quite
useful manner. A potential subscriber can see in advance all the NPA
and office codes available. If the potential subscriber cannot figure
out whether any of those are local calls for his physical area, he
isn't very able.

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