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Poor Walmart Had Troubles Friday Night

TELECOM Digest Editor (
Sat, 26 Aug 2006 16:29:45 EDT

Here in Independence, we had a very badly needed rain storm Friday
night, and more rain is expected Saturday night as well. What we did
not need however were the excessively strong winds which caused a very
major power line to fall down next to the Walmart Supercenter on West
Main Street. About half the town remains without power as I write
this on Saturday afternoon. Walmart had to do the unthinkable, and
close their store, leaving it in darkness. Normally our Walmart is 24/7.

All of us, even us on the east side of town were in the dark with no
air conditioning or refrigeration for several hours, however about 5
AM this morning, Westar/KGE got _some_ of us back on line, but they
were blunt in saying 'residences, hospitals, old people's home, etc
will come first, then _business places_ last. It was pretty dire
around here over night and I lost close to a hundred dollars worth of
refrigerator/freezer food during the eight hours I was without
power. (7:30 PM to about 5:00 AM). I guess they re-wired some of us
through the Coffeyville Power and Light Company facility, but ...
residents on the far west side of town were still out as of this
writing, including Walmart and the businesses in that area.

Walmart is going to stay closed over the weekend in order to restock
all their frozen grocery items, and when Raymond (my household/personal
helper these days due to my illness) drove over there about 10 AM his
report was that Main Street where it meets the highway is totally
blocked off to all except local traffic, police steering people away
from the area, and Westar is out there with a crane and other tools,
uprighting and reinstalling the downed and dangerous power line. Plus,
there are a large number of trees down all over town.

So, that's the news from here in Independence this week!


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