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Re: Computer "Logic" in 1922 Panel Switching

Jim Haynes (
Sat, 19 Aug 2006 23:42:35 GMT

In article <>, Dennis Ritchie
<> wrote:

> Actually, there's tons of stuff about sequential circuits in KR&W, of
> which I have multiple copies, including Keister's personal copy signed
> by the authors. I helped empty his house when he moved to Cape Cod
> and he gave it to me -- and the Ritchie was my father.

> The book was published in 1951, and the thing it doesn't have much
> about is transistor (let alone integrated) circuits. About as much
> space (a few pages) is on cold-cathode tubes.

I agree there is lots about sequential circuits -- my argument is that
the approach used in KR&W is more of a cookbook approach -- circuits
that have been worked out to solve specific problems -- and that it
was Huffman who worked out the way to analyze sequential circuits
using Boolean algebra.

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