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Re: Why I do not Favor 'Net Neutrality'

Patrick Townson (
Thu, 17 Aug 2006 14:25:12 -0500

Larry Dignan wrote:

>> 3. All traffic isn't created equal. An e-mail doesn't have the same/
>> service requirements as a VOIP call. An X-ray of a heart patient/
>> should have priority over a Britney Spears video. Corporate networks/
>> manage traffic that way, and at some point there has to be some/
>> intelligence added to public Internet infrastructure between the end/
>> points. Net neutrality requirements mean all traffic is created/
>> equal. You can debate over who makes the call over what traffic gets/
>> priority, but to pretend all traffic is equal doesn't hold up./

> When you do this, what you have isn't the internet any more.

> The beauty and the failing of the net is that everyone is equal and
> every device is treated like every other device. Unfortunately this
> is not a good thing to carry realtime data.

Well, you miss the point, IMO ... the Internet, as it was historically
developed and as we knew it for the first twenty or so years of its
existence reached its death in 1994 more or less, when the invaders
moved into our village. _We_ had a good thing going; _we_ had a
wonderful system which mostly worked quite well. Along with the first
bunch of no-goods to move in and take residence here were the movie and
music people, who refused to accept the basic concepts here that what
you leave out in the public way is intended for use by the general
public. They could not or would not accept that simple concept which
governed us quite well for a couple decades. They said the way we will
get even with you for rooting through our movies and music scattered
everywhere is _not_ by setting permissions on the directories to keep
you out, if will be by suing each of you who dare to get into our stuff
without permission, since you old-timers here no longer run things;
rather we with the money and the (ostensibly) good looks and charm are
now in charge. Shortly thereafter, other maruders came along and
attempted to redefine what the internet would be about. Now that they
have done just that, you want to sit there and act surprised? Why in
the hell weren't these people stopped dead in their tracks before they
moved in and took over? Now it is going to be impossible to get rid
of them.


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