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Re: Three Texas Men With Cellphones Arrested on Terrorist

Steven Lichter (
Mon, 14 Aug 2006 03:55:04 GMT

mc wrote:

> Associated Press News Wire <> wrote in message

>> [Editor's Note: A slightly different version of the earlier report.]

>> 3 Texas men arraigned on terror charges.

>> Three Texas men were arraigned Saturday on terrorism-related charges
>> after police found about 1,000 cell phones in their minivan.

>> Investigators believe the men were targeting the 5-mile-long Mackinac
>> Bridge, which connects Michigan's Upper and Lower peninsulas. But one
>> of the men said they were only trying to buy and sell phones to make
>> money.

> Ummm ... Is this from The Onion? No?

> I don't see what a *large* number of cell phones has to do with
> terrorism. Yes, a cell phone can be used as a detonator, but you only
> need one, or maybe a few as backups, and having a thousand doesn't
> make it any more terrifying.

What you have are law enforcement that has gone wild, they need to be
pulled back in. When these people are released and they will be, they
should sue the agencies involved as well as each and every person
involved. The government only knows it is wrong when they get bit
with a large judgment.

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