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Re: 101-0987 for MCI's Telecom USA

Anthony Bellanga (
Sat, 12 Aug 2006 02:22:23 -0600

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On Friday 11 August 2006, Gus Sparatore <> wrote:

> Yesterday I changed my telephone number which was 504 835 (????)
> to the unlisted new number 504 835 (????). Since this morning I
> cannot have access to the prefix 1010987 ... to Italy.

> On dialing this prefix comes out a tape recorder saying to dial
> 1 800 444 3333 from the other side of the line an operator of MCI
> tried to "HELP" me and I was under the impression she knew nothing
> about to assist me instead she tried to sell a program of
> international calls .

> So I decided to give up and called TELECOM"USA-CENTRAL,which is my
> International Service Provider . So I dialed the number shown on
> the bill and came out a BELL SOUTH OPERATOR, with much confusion I
> explained the case to the operator, who tranferred me to another
> operator ( time: over 2 hours altogheter ). Which is the direct

While I can't help you with a direct number for Telecom USA, I can
tell you that the 101-0987 carrier code is one assigned to MCI or one
of their subsidiaries. I can also tell you that Telecom USA is a
subsidiary of MCI, and has been so for at least ten years now. I'm
not at all surprised that you are getting MCI responses regarding your
inquiries about 101-0987.

As for the number printed on your bill to contact Telecom USA, I
assume that this is on a BellSouth billing, on the additional pages
for your Telecom USA charges. BellSouth probably has you set up such
that Telecom USA is a "dialaround" carrier, not your primary chosen
carrier on that line, and any billing for 101-0987 Telecom USA calls
would be through a page or section of your BellSouth monthly billing,
along with BellSouth, your local telephone company, being the primary
billing agent or billing contact, on behalf of MCI's Telecom USA.

As for a direct toll-free 800 or 888 type number for Telecom USA, try
doing a Google search on Telecom USA and see what happens. I haven't
tried one, but maybe you might find something for them with a Google

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