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Re: Newest Airport Regulations Cause Considerable Delay, Inconvenience
10 Aug 2006 13:40:56 -0700

Danica wrote:

> Newest Airport Regulations Bring New 'Security', Delays

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Some of us gave up any form of air
> travel years ago, when the tough restrictions first were implemented.
> My health simply will not allow it. PAT]

The news media have reported massive delays at airports for domestic
travelers, even those at small airports for regional flights.

This is on top of anticipated bad delays on account of restructering
in the aviation business. USATODAY reported there'd be six hour
delays and 2 am departures as a result before the current problem.

Further, fuel supplies are tight as a result of the Alaskan trouble
and at risk due to middle eastern troubles and hurricane

A partial solution would be investing in Amtrak -- instead of trying
to destroy it -- so it could provide speedy regional corridor service.
A fast train can cover a lot of ground in the four hours passengers
are wasting in airport terminals. The investment in improved trains
would be far less costly than airport expansion.

Amtrak critics complain of people not wanting to take the train coast
to coast. These improvements aren't for that kind of service, but
rather regional service, such as Hartford CT to DC. Because of govt
policy, many Amtrak routes are starved of capital for rehab to allow
fast train operation and not very attractive.

Former Amk president David Gunn -- who the Bush Adm fired despite
being extremely well respected -- proposed a very cost efficient
upgrading using conventional equipment. He focused on a win-win with
psgr and freight trains by removing existing bottlenecks so trains
could move faster. His plan had a very high "bank for the buck".

There are many who oppose passenger trains, not for monetary reasons,
but ideological ones. For whatever reason, they just can't stand the
idea of trains instead of driving or airplanes.

[public replies please]

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I do not oppose trains; I just wish
there were more of them and in reasonably convenient locations and
routes. We have had absolutely _no_ passenger train service here in
Independence since the middle 1970's. The nearest passenger trains are
in Topeka (slightly) and in Kansas City. To get to New York I would
have to somehow find a ride to Kansas City, get a train for Chicago,
then change trains to get to New York. I would almost rather take the
Jefferson Lines/Greyhound Bus; at least the bus station is out by
the Walmart store west of town. It is not a good scene at all. PAT]

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