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My 25th Anniversary Gift to You

TELECOM Digest Editor (
Thu, 10 Aug 2006 13:33:56 EDT

As we approach the 25th anniversary of this Digest (started 8-11-81)
this next weekend, I decided to prepare another CD for you. We have
had two of these in the past (1995-96 and again in 2002-03) and they
were both 'best sellers' in the sense that I received a lot of orders
for each of them. This time around, however, it is a 'do-it-yourself'
type project: The entire collection of messages (about 125,000 of
them, spanning a 25 year period) in comp.dcom.telecom have been
collected and placed into MBOX format with the help of a Digest reader
and are being made available for your review in zip format.

You go into our archives and then into the
back-issues files. Within the back-issues files, look for the
category "25 years of c.d.t. messages in MBOX format." There you will
see 25 files, labeled 1981 through 2006; each year is a zip file which
when uncompressed using DOS will produce a new directory on your
own computer entitled 'mail'. If the process goes as it should, each
file uncompression you do should produce such a 'mail' folder with
several thousand each mail files, sort of Usenet style reading. Unless
you have _lots_ of storage space on your computer, I do not recommend
trying to uncompress all the files at one time. But of course you can
also send your output to a writeable DVD/CD if that is your

Many of the messages also have hyperlinks in them, so I assume if
you are connected to the net when you do this, you should get the
benefit of the various links as well. The final year (2006) of this
collection cuts off at the end of June. I hope you enjoy this
'one-stop shopping' collection of c.d.t. messages over the past


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