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Inquiry About comp.dcom.telecom Posting
Thu, 10 Aug 2006 00:00:04 +0000


For some time, years, I've reading c.d.t and I'd swear I've posted on
occasion, although I can't remember a specific post, but a short
while ago I tried to reply to a post it it just never showed
up. After several rounds with my news provider they said I would
have to contact the moderator since posting is restricted. I'm
hoping that's you and you'll grant me posting rights. Or tell me my
provider is wrong.

Thanks, if you need any details let me know. I post/read from a few
locations, typically with a name of RC and a phony from email address.

Thanks again,


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Your provider is correct. The c.d.t. news
group on Usenet is moderated; I am the moderator. You can reply to a
newsgroup posting or originate a new posting, doesn't matter, but it
will come to me first before it goes out to the network. Like anyone
else reading here, you do not need to be 'granted posting rights'; all
you have to do is send me email either through the newsgroup or direct
to my Digest email address

Now a problem is posting with 'a name of RC and a phony from
address'. You do not get back my auto-ack, or receipt for your
submission. Use a good address if you want to know for sure if the
submission was received. There are readers here (see one in this
issue) who always ask me for an address in one of my domains
( to protect _them_ from the truckloads of spam delivered
each day and the other diseased brain crackpots around here. You
are welcome to do the same _but make sure the request is in the first
line of your message_ so I do not miss it. In this message I did it
automatically (gave you a '' email address) which I usually
do not do. PAT]

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