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ESS Feature Usage
7 Aug 2006 07:31:50 -0700

I wonder how many customers use abbreviated dialing, which was an
early feature of ESS. You would program in a list of frequently
called numbers and dial a 2 digit code.

Perhaps in dial days that might have been helpful, but in TT days not
as much. It's a bit cumbersome to enter a number and then remember a
code along with it. Lastly, many phones today have memory with that.

I think Call Waiting is the most widely used service.

I would think Call Forwarding gets some use still, though cell phones
removed much of the need for that. If they had an a la carte (pay as
you go) call forwarding I'd use it occassionally to route calls to my
cell phone. But in my area they only offer call forwarding on a
monthly subscription. Of course, since I pay for incoming calls on my
cell, I would be upset being routed wrong numbers of solicitation
calls and I get a fair amount of those.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: At one point, Bell was offering 'Speed
Dial-8' _and 'Speed Dial-32'. 8 required "#" plus a single digit 2-9
while 32 required '#" plus 2 digits 21 through 60 with a few number
combos not used. I do not think they ever promoted 'Speed Dial-32' all
that much. You can still get speed dial for your cell phone, although
with all the ways of saving numbers on your cell phone, I cannot see
why anyone would need it as a _network_ feature as well. PAT]

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