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Re: Cingular Analog/TDMA Surcharge

John Levine (
3 Aug 2006 20:57:59 -0000

>> Any idea if this applies to those of us with GAIT phones that do GSM
>> as well as TDMA, and analog? ... [yes, it does]

> What they really want is to screw all the old long time AT&T
> customers into new two year contracts with less favorable rates.

Since I have never been an AT&T customer, I don't find that very
persuasive. I originally signed up in 1995 when they were Cingular
One and my phone was a real 3W AMPS built-in car phone, then went to a
TDMA handheld, then to my current GSM/TDMA/AMPS phone which I have no
intention of giving up. It's entirely plausible that they want to
chase out all the TDMA and AMPS users so they can switch their network
to be 100% GSM.

>> Time to look at T-Mobile.

The prices are great, I need to figure out whether the coverage is OK
here which basically means whether they let me roam onto Cingular. It
appears that in some places they do, some they don't.



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