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Re: Touch Tone Grocery Shopping - Promise Never Realized?

jtaylor (
Thu, 3 Aug 2006 19:23:12 -0300

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Internet grocery shopping and delivery
>> was a very good feature and when I lived around Chicago area (both in


> provide delivery service. For example with me; it is much more
> preferable to be able to call Proscript (one of the local pharmacies)
> and ask the clerk "please refill (serial number on the botle) and send
> it out to me this afternoon"; it gets sent out and my account gets
> charged; I have it usually in an hour or so. Just try to do that with
> Walmart pharmacy or for that matter, even Walgreens (of which we have
> one now in town also.) When I mentioned to Angie (Proscript clerk)
> that not only would Walgreen's not deliver and demanded cash on the
> spot, she was amazed. She knew that to be the case with Walmart of
> course, and neither of them (Walmart nor Walgreens) will take requests
> over the phone based on the serial number on the bottle; they both
> demand to have you bring in the empty bottle personally, and stand in
> line for however long waiting, and have your cash or credit card
> available handily. Local store are always so much better, no matter
> what. PAT]

A few eyars ago, when I had returned on a visit to the town where my family
lived, my mother asked me to go to her bank and get her some cash. She was
ill but had filled out the paperwork on forms she had from the bank, and I
was going up to the high street anyway for other errands.

She had been a customer of that bank for many decades. The young cashier
took the form and listened to what I told her, said "wait a minute please",
and got her supervisor.

The supervisor, a lady with grey hair and a strong face, came and
looked at me, and then said "You look more like your father." I
agreed, she nodded to the cashier, and mom got the money. No ID, no
signature check; just the best damm facial recognition system on earth
in operation.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The same thing is true here of our
local banks and stores; they know you and work along with you. Even
the post office; yes, the post office requires all the usual paperwork
to do things like open/maintain a PO Box, but they do so in an apolo-
getic manner, typically blaming all the new rules and regulations on
'the 9-11 situation and what is required of us now-days as a result.'

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