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Fiber Cut Again Today

Patrick Townson (
Thu, 3 Aug 2006 15:00:00 CDT

Cable One experienced still another fiber cut today near Parsons,
KS. I guess it was the same bunch of klutzes who back-hoed us off to
oblivion a month or so ago. The recorded message which comes on first
thing at the cable office here said the cut was 'severe' and it would
be at least six to eight hours restoring service. I suggested to the
lady in the office it would be good, when they find out _who_ did it
this time, to take that person and cut off his arms so he would not be
in a position to operate a back-hoe any further. Thank goodness I
still have my dialup line from TerraWorld to use as a backup, even
though by comparison it is quite slow. Another very hot, miserable day
here; I do not need this aggravation. Cable One's advertising slogan
is 'Watch Us Make You Smile'. w


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