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Sat, 29 Jul 2006 02:02:37 -0400 wrote:

> There is DSL at various speeds from Verizon.

> There is RoadRunner and Earthlink cable broadband via Time Warner.

> Apparently you can get 5mbps for $19.99 x 6 month followed by $44.95 x
> six months from Earthlink via Time Warner. This averages to $32.48 a
> month for a year of 5mbps.

> Anyone have opinions on the Earthlink broadband in NYC?

Earthlink broadband is a resale of an incumbents last mile. So if the
last mile with DSL or cable is ok, it comes down to would you rather
do business with Earthlink, your cable company, or your phone company
as a broadband provider. I've dealt with Earthlink, TimeWarner, and
Bellsouth here in Raleigh NC and would take EL any day of the week and
pay a premium to do so compared to the other choices.

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