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VoIP Call Quality Falls - Survey (
27 Jul 2006 11:14:14 -0700

VoIP call quality has taken a nosedive over the last 18 months, with
nearly 20 percent of VoIP callers experiencing unacceptable voice
quality, according to a survey done by Brix Networks. The results
come from Brix Networks' site, a free VoIP
quality-testing portal. Brix claims that nearly one million VoIP phone
tests have been conducted at the site since its March, 2004 launch.

Brix claims that from late 2004 through mid-2006, the tests done at
the site have shown a consistent decrease in overall voice quality as
calculated via the Mean Opinion Score (MOS). MOS is an a measurement
of conversational voice quality that rates calls on a scale from one
(bad) to five (excellent). Test calls with a MOS of 3.6 or better are
usually regarded as being satisfactory, and those below it as
unsatisfactory. Only 81 percent of VoIP calls tested on the site were
rated at 3.6 or better, the company says.

How accurate are the results? Without a third party to analyze them,
it's difficult to know. Brix, though, sells IP and VoIP testing
solutions, and the company does have a vested interest in touting any
results that show poor VoIP quality. On the other hand, anyone who has
made a VoIP call knows only too well the sometimes erratic nature of
call quality. - By Networking Pipeline Staff

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