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TelecomDirect News Daily Update - July 24, 2006

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Mon, 24 Jul 2006 12:07:36 EDT

PricewaterhouseCoopers Presents
The TelecomDirect News Daily Update
For July 24, 2006

United States: BellSouth Shareholders Approve Sale to AT&T

BellSouth shareholders have voted in favour of the sale of their
company to AT&T for US$67 billion in stock. Significance: The
deal will also require the approval of federal and state
regulators. It is likely to be opposed by consumer groups, but,
like the tie-ups between AT&T and SBC and Verizon and MCI, is
likely to go ...

Brazil: Clouds Gather over Brazil's Mobile Market

The board of Vivo, Brazil's largest mobile operator, has approved
the roll-out of a GSM network. The joint venture between
Telefònica and Portugal Telecom has said that it will
invest some 1.08 billion reais (US$492 million) in the deployment
of the new ...

Wireless Network Design for Dummies? Not Likely.

In the next few years, you can expect a number of major wireless
network initiatives to launch in the United States. Judging from
the buzz surrounding the upcoming AWS spectrum auction, some
initiatives possibly will be undertaken by large and successful
'new economy' companies that are newcomers to the wireless arena.

Governors To Congress: Telecom-Reform Act Snubs States' Rights

The nation's governors and other non-federal officials have
resumed pressing their case in the U.S. Congress that pending
communications-reform legislation severely pre-empts state,
county and local authorities and powers. They want the federal
threat reversed. Instead of appealing to Senate and House
authors, sponsors and ...

A Camera Phone Lens Cover

Camera phones are useful tools for people like real estate agents
and claims adjusters. They can also be plenty of fun for
non-professionals. Yet some groups aren't exactly
enthusiastic camera phone supporters. Business and government
agencies, among other organizations, worry about the
technology's ability to steal secrets,...

Wireless EAS Still Bubbling in D.C.

WASHINGTON -- Almost all lawmakers, regulators, industry
representatives and even the White House agree it's time to
include wireless capabilities in the national emergency alert
system (EAS) that's now supported by broadcasters. What they
are having a hard time agreeing on, however, is how to do it
fairly. The groups ...

Skype's Fire(wall) Fight

Many enterprises are likely to try and block the cheap Skype
Ltd. WiFi phones from the likes of Netgear Inc.that are now
arriving on the market because they don't jibe with corporate
firewall policies. Gartner Inc. analyst Lawrence Orans lays out
the nub of the problem. "The problem with Skype is that it
uses a ...

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