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Carolina Net Can't Validate E911 Info

Fred Atkinson (
Thu, 20 Jul 2006 19:08:38 -0700

I'm now using Carolina Net VOIP phone service. I've tried to register
my street address as E911 on my phone.

Every time I try or they try, the system kicks it back as unable to
validate. CN told me that the database apparently didn't include my
street address.

I called E911 here in Jackson county and spoken directly to the lady
who manages that database. She assures me that that address is indeed
in the database. She told me to have them call her and she'd work it
out with them.

I gave CN her name and number over a week ago. Tonight, they told me
they had spoken with someone but wouldn't tell me who and they are
telling me that the person they spoke to said that my number is not in
the database.

Does anyone have any ideas about how this situation can be resolved?


Fred Atkinson

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You should really not have to go
through the daily gyrations you seem to go through regularly to merely
get your VOIP phone service working. You seem to _always_ have so
many problems with your VOIP service ... and have had ever since
you first started using VOIP. At this point, Fred, I would give it
one final fling: document the difficulty you are having with it, take
a photo of the front of your house (or wherever the street number on
your house is located), try to include a small child in that photo,
and in your cover letter tell them "I am tired of doing everyone
else's customer service work for them. Coordinate (phone number) with
(your address, [inside the building location as needed], zip code) and
write back to notify me when this is done. My several attempts to
accomplish this have failed. If you prefer, we can go legal with the
whole thing, and we assuredly will go legal if some emergency
situation arises and no help arrives in a timely manner. Thank you."

Send the photos showing your street address, the child, an elderly
frail person or whatever to Carolina Net and also a copy to the
regulators in your area. Then wash your hands of it. If you can
document 'what happens' when you try to register the address and the
system bounces it out, include that as well. PAT]

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