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303-720-1234 (Re: Caution: Unidentified Callers)

Anthony Bellanga (
Wed, 19 Jul 2006 17:46:05 -0600

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DLR <> wrote:

> I got a call yesterday on my Sprint cell phone from 303-720-1234.
> I had no idea at the time where area code 303 was so I let it go
> to voice mail. But they didn't leave a message. So today I tried
> to call it back and got a "no such number exists" type of message.
> And I can't find anyone with this number via Google searches and
> don't really want to pay for more information. Now to be honest it
> looks a bit bogus to me. 1234 and all.

It is bogus. 303 is the area code for the Denver CO Metro area. (At
one time, the entire state of Colorado used 303, but that was some
time ago). 720 is being used as a central office code within the 303
area code in your situation, but the 720 numerics as an area code also
happens to be the overlay area code for the Denver CO Metro area.
Since ten-digit local dialing is mandatory within the Denver Co Metro
area of area codes 303 and 720 in overlay, there isn't anything
"wrong" with having a 303-720 code, nor a 720-303 code, nor even a
303-303 or 720-720 code. Ten-digit local dialing is mandatory in
overlay areas.

However, it happens that at this time, there is no such 303-720 code
assigned in the Denver CO Metro area. I looked up the central office
code reports at NANPA's website, and 303-720 is
unassigned but still available for assignment.

So, you probably got a call from a telemarketer sending bogus caller-ID

Typical. :(

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