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Parking a Couple of Phone Numbers

Gordon S. Hlavenka (
Tue, 18 Jul 2006 00:06:22 -0500

I owned a retail business that went belly-up a few years ago. I've
been hanging on to the phone numbers in case I get an opportunity to
restart things; hundreds of customers have them memorized :-)

Anyway, I'm currently in 630-832 (Elmhurst, IL CO); one of the numbers
is also 630-832 and the other is 630-691 (Lombard, IL CO).

My first plan was to port them to Vonage. But Vonage won't take a
commercial number on a residential plan, and since I'm just parking
them I don't need the pricey business plan. So I asked SBC (now AT&T)
to convert them to residential. To do that, I had to first make them
unlisted/nonpub, then wait for the next directory to print; then I
could call and convert them to residential service.

Well, the directory printed, I called back, and it turns out I can
only convert the 832 number to residential because the 691 number is
RCF'ed from the other CO and apparently RCF is not available on
residential lines. The rep started suggesting all kinds of call
packages and features to "help" me so I just told her firmly to make
no changes whatsoever to the account, and now I'm working up a Plan B.

All I really want is to retain control of these numbers, at minimal
cost. I don't need them to physically terminate anywhere -- in fact I
didn't plan to even use the Vonage TA, I'd just have them
simultaneously ring to my cellphone.

My current plan is to see if I can port 691 to my T-Mobile cell
mid-term (which, BTW, I am SO dumping T-Mobile as soon as my contract
runs out, but that's another story) and then convert 832 to
residential and port it to Vonage or some other VOIP provider.

Any other suggestions?

Gordon S. Hlavenka
If your teacher tells you to Question Authority
Should you do it?

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