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Re: Principals Claim Right to Search Cell Phones

Robert Bonomi (
Sun, 16 Jul 2006 02:55:09 -0000

In article <>, Rick Merrill
<> wrote:

> Monty Solomon wrote:

>> By Tyler B. Reed/ Daily News Staff

>> FRAMINGHAM -- High school administrators under a new policy are
>> claiming the right to snatch information stored in students' cell
>> phones when they search for drugs or stolen property at school.

>> The change clarifies the school's search and seizure policy, adding
>> cell phones to the list of places school officials can snoop if they
>> suspect a student has contraband.

>> Federal law says school officials need only "reasonable suspicion" of
>> the presence of drugs or stolen goods to conduct searches.

>> "We reserve the right to look through the cell phone," Principal
>> Michael Welch said. "It would be no different than if a student were
>> to have a notebook. We've had instances of graffiti. We've looked
>> through a notebook and found identical instances of graffiti."

> That's very interesting: it implies that the searchers already know the
> phone number of the dealers, or student dealers.

Or students are dumb enough (wanna bet that they're not that dumb? you _will_
lose! :) to stick 'notes' about prices, availability,etc. next to a number.
OR that there's a name with the number, and the searchers know _names_ of
dealers. Or the 'text message' offers.

In article <>, <> wrote:

> Without going into the rights issue, how do they know that the
> "identical" grafitti in a notebook wasn't something the student copied
> off of the real grafitti because he thought it was cool. I mean,
> sure, it's gives them some probable cause to further question, but
> it's hardly damning evidence by itself.

> Bill Ranck
> Blacksburg, Va.

MOST graffiti has elements that are as unique as a (traditional)
artist's brush-strokes.

It's really not terribly difficult to match up the 'artist' behind
several pieces of 'street' art.

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