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Re: Pre A/C Central Office Ventilation?

Thu, 13 Jul 2006 03:02:50 -0400

> Air conditioning for buildings was perfected in the late 1930s though
> its use grew very slowly. A couple of buildings built during WW II in
> DC were air conditioning, I don't know how people survived DC's hot
> humidity in non a/c buildings. Technical advances and efficiency in
> the early 1950s allowed it to be more widespread and home window units
> came out at that time.

If you grew up in the south and never had it you just dealt with
it. But the south never really took off economically until central air
showed up.

The border in general was the Mason-Dixon line or basically the KY, VA
east west line.

I grew up in far western KY and if you look at it with Google earth
you'll understand how humid it could get. My dad built our house in 56
(I was 2) and we had window units when I was small. We added central
air around 61 or 62. Then we built a new house and moved into it in
late 67. It was setup for a/c but the compressors were not there
initially. (Money and all that.) When it got to August, 1968 and
after about the 4th day of 98/98 (temp/humidity) at 4 am, we bought
and installed the compressors. :)

Here in Raleigh, NC, I can do summers without AC but my wife keeps
talking about divorce so we pay the bills. :)

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Ditto here in the southeast corner of
Kansas by the Oklahoma border. You would not believe how high the
electric bill is all summer long, but it is absolutely required to
survive. (At least, 'survive' in the life-style of the late twentieth-
century which we have come to expect.) PAT]

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