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Re: Bell System Interconnect Paging Systems?

Scott Dorsey (
12 Jul 2006 09:05:23 -0400

Carl Navarro <> wrote:

> On 10 Jul 2006 10:52:00 -0700, wrote:

>> Years ago (1969) at the hospital I worked at, the paging (loudspeaker)
>> system was built directly into the Bell PBX switchboard. The paging
>> operators pulled a separate key and then could broadcast via their
>> standard operator's headset. When they pulled the key a red light
>> glowed to indicate to other paging operators the system was in use.

>> Also at my uncle's factory, anyone could use the page. They had a
>> small telephone net as a key system. To use the loudspeaker, one
>> dialed 6 on the LOCAL circuit and then made their announcement. I
>> only visited there briefly once, but it appeared the loudspeakers were
>> not Bell System issue.

>> I was wondering if the Bell System supplied the paging system, music
>> player tape recorder, or allowed a private interconnect (one of the
>> rare exceptions where Bell allowed physical interconnects).

> Since Western Electric made Amps, I would guess that they made their
> own paging systems, speakers, mics, and amps.

By the fifties, they were no longer allowed to make any of that stuff,
and the division that made it had been split off. I believe it eventually
became Altec.


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