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Re: Wi-Fi Wars / Loiterers Can be a Drag on Businesses' Bottom Line

Gene S. Berkowitz (
Wed, 12 Jul 2006 21:52:02 -0400

In article <>, says:

> In article <>,
> says:

>> Of course, this is what they should have been doing all along with the
>> Rowling and Salinger wannabes who hog the NY Times, take extra chairs
>> to keep their precious crap off the floor, and sit at the choice
>> tables for hours nursing an empty latte while reading Noam Chomsky. I
>> really don't care if you're surfing for porn, doing your French Lit
>> homework or writing the Great American Novel; drink your coffee, then
>> get the hell out.

> It's not quite so cut-and-dried. An empty business looks like an
> unpopular business. Having a few seats occupied, even if the people in
> the seats aren't buying, can make a coffee shop or restaurant look more
> popular, and thus increase sales.

Have you ever tried to get a seat in *$$ in any college town?

McDonald's is extremely popular, and yet is designed for maximum
turnover (uncomfortable seating, garish colors and lighting, screaming

> The trick is getting just the right number of seat-warmers without
> cutting into your sales capacity. If you get too many of them, you take
> down some of the flypaper, but not all of it.

The tables should be temperature sensitive. When your beverage cools to
skin temperature or lower, a spotlight should go on over your head.


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