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TelecomDirect News Daily Update - July 12, 2006

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Wed, 12 Jul 2006 11:56:36 EDT

PricewaterhouseCoopers Presents
The TelecomDirect News Daily Update
For July 12, 2006

Digital warning system may hinder mobile/Internet communications

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. government will soon be sending warnings
of national emergencies on wireless phones, Web sites and
hand-held computers. The new digital system will update the
emergency alerts planned -- but never used -- during the Cold War
in the event of a nuclear strike. More likely, these

EU set to regulate roaming fees; Operational details still fuzzy

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- The EU head office, saying roaming calls now
command profit margins for network operators of up to 400
percent, was to unveil a bill Wednesday designed to slash the
cost of using a mobile phone abroad. The bill would basically cap
roaming profits at 30 percent for international calls, three to
four ...

Stealth Radar is Just a Lot of Noise

Imagine a radar signal that's undetectable. Such a technology
might prove to be the ultimate weapon in the war against
lead-footed motorists. Yet the stealth radar developed by Ohio
State University researchers also offers potential applications
that extend far beyond everyday traffic law enforcement. The new
radar ...

Government Invests US$295 mil. in Broadband Development in Rural Spain

The Spanish government is planning to invest a total of 231
million euro (US$295 million) in the development of broadband
technology in rural areas by 2008, according to Spanish business
daily Expansion. Spain's fixed-line incumbent, Telefonica, is
participating in the project. By the end of June this year,
the ...

Consolidation Brewing in Italian Internet Market

Two of Europe's more attractive take-over targets, Tiscali and
Fastweb, are reportedly in merger talks to create the
third-largest telecoms group in Italy. Pan-European
internet-service provider Tiscali, and Italian alternative
telecoms operator, Fastweb, are in talks about a possible merger,
which could involve a share swap, the...

CTIA Joins USF Coalition

WASHINGTON -- Wireless carriers have joined a new, diverse group that
backs a numbers-based approach to Universal Service Fund (USF)
contributions. The new group, called USF by the Numbers
Coalition, is pushing its idea of using fees based on the number of
working telephone numbers a carrier serves to support universal
service, ...

Place Your Bets: Will House Vote To Ban Internet Wagers?

The U.S. House of Representatives could soon put their cards on
the table, facilitating a full-floor vote on a bill pending since
last year that would prohibit various forms of online gambling by
preventing the use of credit cards, fund transfers and other
payment transactions for wagering over the Internet. The
proposed ...

Lucatel: New Team, Old Faces

Alcatel and Lucent Technologies Inc. have provided an update on
their impending merger process, which, apart from significant
change at the top table, appears to be going well. The duo
announced late Monday that their marriage is set to be
consummated by the end of this calendar year, a timescale
reported by Light ...

Bluetooth Chips Get Big Boost From Mobile Phone Market

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Fueled by the rapid uptake of Bluetooth in
mobile phones, Bluetooth chip shipments have been on the rise,
reports In-Stat. The rising Bluetooth chip shipments have had a
cascading effect, leading to falling chip prices. This has led in
turn to greater Bluetooth penetration of mobile phones and the...

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