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Re: Concession to Modern Technology
11 Jul 2006 05:29:37 -0700 wrote:

> As regular posters know, I am a major "Luddite". I constantly
> question if some new technology is really worth the hype around it and
> will truly make things easier for us, on in reality, be more of a
> nuisance than the past.

> I must admit one new tech item is pretty slick. I just got some
> CD-ROMs with .PDF files of various antique telephone manuals and
> catalogs. They were very reasonably priced.

> The use of .PDF files (a file format used to store images from printed
> matter such as books) and the CD ROM media made it easy to copy,
> distribute, and use the old stuff. Otherwise, I'd have to purchase
> the original manuals at considerably more cost and then only I could
> view them; by mass media, many people can benefit. I'd also have a
> bunch of old paper lying around the house subject to getting torn or
> deteriorating or lost.

> (Now if only Adobe wouldn't keep upgrading its free reader every other
> day. I use version 5 and now they're up to 7 or 8.)

> [public replies, please]

I agree! My old manual collection is at . I'm still using Acrobat


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