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Re: Wireless Firms Agree on Rules for Mobile Web Sites

Koos van den Hout (
9 Jul 2006 19:34:41 GMT

Reuters News Wire <> wrote in

> The guidelines advise developers against using big graphics or pop-up
> ads that could clutter phone screens.

> They also suggest designing sites in such a way that the content
> appears right at the top of a cell phone screen, allowing users to
> avoid scrolling past multiple navigation links.

> "A common problem is that you have a small screen, so when a Web site
> loads, the navigational elements like home page or next page links are
> the only things you see instead of the content you're looking for,"
> Applequist said.

Funny, those sound a bit like the guidelines for making websites
accessible to blind users using screenreaders, braille devices. Now
it's commercially interesting (alllll those mobile users!) there is an
interest in this subject all of a sudden.

Not complaining about, they have always insisted on an
accessible web.

Koos van den Hout

(website self-promotion)

For example, I made sure Camp Wireless at
works for all browsers and should be usable for blind persons. For mobile
browsers with WAP and WML support, there is a very lightweight WML version
at since I think the content can be useful
even when accessed from a first generation mobile device.

(/website self-promotion)

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